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Slan D.C.W.

On the midterm starting on the 12th of February 2010, in second year I could see over four years left in D .C .W, now I can only see four months . Over the midterm I found out my family are moving back to Bray . The reasons for this are complicated and personal but one thing is for sure I’m defi nitely moving .

This article isn’t meant to give advice to people moving, it is written by me, Sabha Joyce, to say goodbye D .C .W . and to remember all the good times we’ve had already . The fi rst few days of fi rst year were scary to say the least, not just scared of doing your homework or getting lost on the way to class but afraid of saying the wrong thing, looking weird or having the wrong pencil case and the worst thing of all was I came with only one other girl from my previous school and we weren’t even put in the same class together . Right now I’m fi nding it hard to have to think about doing that all over again . But you see in second year you can’t say the wrong thing, look weird or have the wrong pencil case because we have all become closer as everyone is friends with one another and no one is left out . I mean, sure there have been fi ghts but in the end we’re second years of 2009/2010, one year group with each individual being different, unique and because of that everyone is the same .

1 Silver 2008/2009 - haha! Making new friends that I’ll know for life . All the nicknames given to me ( Louise Savage, Billybobjoe, Savara, Sabadabdub) that I probably wont hear again, all those Bible searches no one ever did . (It’s bringing tears to my eyes writing all this down) . I remember sitting in Fatima Hall on the sixth years last day, watching all of them cry as they were leaving and I thought to myself - that will be me one day, in the future . It will actually be quite soon .

2 Sapphire - Oh My God! I love you all so much . It’s weird thinking that I’ll move to being 306 and you all will be in 3 Sapphire . The YMCA’s at the back of the classroom, Caroline, Hollie, Naoise, Ciara, Stephanie and I = Ms Stafford’s stalkers! And Ms if you’re reading this I hope you are crying! (joke) . The lunches outside in September and October, practically having bench wars to try and get a seat . It’s hard for me to think, I won’t be sitting there anymore . All the other good times are probably too private, funny or weird to remember (Schmoel!) or too diffi cult for me to remember, but im sure Ms McGuiness will remember Hollaback Girl! Thanks to all my teachers: Ed-all the funny times with zebra, Ms Gaffney- just stunning girls, Ms Stafford - you girls are just weird and many many more! And thanks to all my best friends for making my two years at D .C .W. as amazing as they could possibly be .

I could fi ll the whole year book writing about them and you all know who you are . I’m positive D .C .W . can go on without me .


Goodbye Dominican, Goodbye teachers, And goodbye to all my friends.

P .S: This won’t be the last time you’ll hear of me, I
promise .


Information for parents

Parents — the primary educators — and the school work in partnership, like an extension of the family. The school involves them as fully as possible in decisions about their daughter. Close links are maintained with home, indeed the philosophy and objectives of the school cannbot be achieved withouth the cooperation and support of parents/guardians.

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