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A Special Place

Everybody must have a special place . A place where they can be free from all hurt and you trust that your special place will never be uncovered . You must be able to recognise all your thoughts and feelings and share them with your special place . My special place belongs to me and can’t be conquered or taken away from me by anyone else, because my special place is inside me, inside my mind, and the only person who can ever enter this special place is me . Your special place doesn’t have to be physical matter. You can visit this place in your dreams or whenever you feel you need to go there . I visit my special place whenever I’m sad or lonely or I just need to escape to somewhere I make the rules . Everyone has this place they can escape to . Some people just haven’t found it yet or just don’t view their minds as a safe haven where they can spend lonely hours . I write about mine to express how much you need yourself and hopefully I can spread this message .

The world is a strange place, made up of people, animals, plants and so many other things . Each group stick to their own type . Yet humans have separated themselves into millions of different categories, from splitting earth in half calling one side “the developed world” and the other side “the developing world, to categorising people’s attitudes and stereotyping people as “emo”, “chav”, “goth” and many more . Being separate from these people gives most people a sense of inferiority, knowing there is always a group of people above you . But yet we are all the same body . We all have the same internal organs, yet our path in life is decided once you are born into the world . Why do we all think we’re different when we all have the same types of
brain, we just believe in different things? We use our special place to store these beliefs . Some people view their special place as a mansion, viewing themselves at a higher level than others . As we grow older our special place expands . We have deeper thoughts which dig into our secret place . We now, metaphorically, have a basement where we can search deeper into our brains.

We each decide where our special place will be situated as we go through life . Right now I view my special place as a cottage in the countryside . I go there by myself and lie on my virtual bed and think about life outside my body . I believe this is the key to confidence, high self esteem and peace with oneself . You begin to learn more about yourself and you find the strength to complete your goals in life . I think everybody needs a reality check like this .


Information for parents

Parents — the primary educators — and the school work in partnership, like an extension of the family. The school involves them as fully as possible in decisions about their daughter. Close links are maintained with home, indeed the philosophy and objectives of the school cannbot be achieved withouth the cooperation and support of parents/guardians.

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